Listen weekdays between 6 & 9am with Pete Dalliday and Dani Guppy for Pete and Dani’s Gameapalooza contest.

You can call / text in at (705) 876-1005 to play the daily contest using either trivia, mind games or skill to win the daily prize. A different contest every day of the week.

Up for Grabs – Monday March 20 to Friday March 31, 2023 (except holidays. Subject to change).

WIN 1 of 10 $40 gift cards to use at Big Ben’s Fish and Chips, located at 947 Lansdowne Street West in Peterborough (east of the Parkway). “Reserve your table for Good Friday today by calling (705) 742-2367“,

“No purchase necessary. Limit one (1) entry per person, per 24-hour period.  Ten (10) Daily Prizes are available to be won. Approximate retail value of the Daily Prize is CDN$40 Dollars. Must be a legal resident of the province of Ontario who is age of majority or older at time of entry. Contest runs March 20 to March 31, 2023. Entries must be received by 10:00 a.m. ET on  March 31 2023. Skill testing question must be correctly answered to claim Prize. For full set of rules visit CLICK HERE.

The daily contests include:

TV/Movie Mashup

Pete will combine the plots of two totally different TV shows or movies or a combination of both and the correct caller/texter must combine the names of the show to create a mashup version Example: All In The Family Ties or Full House of Cards.

(Not so) Tough Tuesday Trivia

The correct caller/texter must correctly answer a series of trivia questions some of which may be multiple choice.

Treadmill Trivia

The correct caller/texter must correctly answer 10 of 15 questions on a virtual FRESH treadmill. The questions speed up as the contest progresses.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Pete will give you a series of clues, some of them could include audio clips and the correct caller/texter must guess what year all of the clues and sounds come from.

Price is Right

Pete will give a menu item from a restaurant or flyer item from a store. The correct caller/texter has to guess how many of that item they can buy without going over the amount on the store or restaurant gift card. Example if they have a $25 gift card, they can purchase 6 of a $4 item = $24. But if they guess 7 items they’ve gone over.

It Might Seem Crazy

Pete and possibly a guest will each tell a story. The correct caller/texter must decide which person is telling the truth. The other stories will be lies.

If the caller/texter identifies the correct story, they win the daily prize.

Dani’s Doodles

Dani will paint a picture and post it on the Fresh Facebook page. If you think you know what the picture is, comment your answer to enter!