2017 / 2018 Kids With Class

100.5 Fresh Radio, Lighthouse Private Wealth and Darling Insurance are back for the 2017 / 2018 school year, celebrating “Kids with Class” – a promotional initiative that recognizes the extraordinary efforts, achievements and victories of Peterborough’s greatest kids!

We encourage parents, guardians, employers, coaches, friends, teachers, co-op program coordinators… anyone to submit their “Kid with Class” story below! Pete & Catherine and the 100.5 Fresh Radio crew will visit each winner’s school or practice and personally congratulate them for being a “Kid with Class”!

Each month we will award one deserving student:

– $100 R.E.S.P. from Lighthouse Private Wealth

– $100 Lansdowne Place gift card from Darling Insurance plus two(2) tickets to enjoy a Peterborough Senior Lakers lacrosse game in June from the Darling Insurance suite with snacks & soft drinks included.

– a class lunch from PJ’s Diner

Plus, at the end of the school year, one extraordinary Kid with Class will win a $1,000 R.E.S.P. from Lighthouse Private Wealth.

There are many great kids in our community who have achieved personal success in one form or another! Whether they have reached a personal goal, helped someone in need, or excelled beyond the expectations of others – we want to hear their stories! Give credit where credit is due





Pictured in the photo are Glenn Millar from Darling Insurance, Cheri from Lighthouse Private Wealth, January Kid With Class Jessica Seward, members of her family, Jessica’s teacher Mrs Heather Hedges plus Pete and Catherine from FRESH Mornings

The whole team at 100.5 Fresh Radio, Darling Insurance, Lighthouse Private Wealth and PJ’s Diner would like to congratulate Jessica Seward, our January KID WITH CLASS for the 2017 / 2018 school year. Jessica goes to Highland Heights Public School in Peterborough and was nominated by Christina Marks (Jessica’s mom).

Here is Christina’s nomination:

My name is Christina Marks and my daughter’s name is Jessica Seward. I want to nominate my daughter Jessica for a first class kid because generally all around she is a first class kid!!(yes I know I’m biased, being her mother and all) but just let me tell you about her and and some of the things she has done and you can judge for yourself. Jessica is 11 years old but will turn 12 on December 19th. She attends Highland Heights Public School here in Peterborough and her teacher is Mrs. Heather Hedges. Jessica has a classmate in her class named Aya and Aya has a few challenges attending school such as being blind. Jessica has befriended Aya and talks about her all the time and how much she likes Aya. Jessica is always coming home with a story about how she helped out Aya at school that day with simple tasks such as finding the library or just walking around. It works the other way too as Aya has taught Jessica what braille is and how to understand some of it. Last year Highland Heights had some refugees from Syria start attending the school,and Jessica’s class had a student come into their classroom and his name is Sami. Jessica instantly befriended Sami and wanted to learn all about him and his country and life in Syria. When Jessica realized Sami and the other children spoke a different language(Arabic) and were having some difficulty understanding the english language she came home and looked up the language for Syria and started to learn how to write it. Every night Jessica would look up different sentences etc and take them to school the next day and have Sami help her to pronounce them and write in Syria so she could communicate better with him. Jessica learned how to write some Arabic and talk Arabic just so she could communicate with Sami and the other students. She helped Sami with our english language as well. Jessica even went as far as to start an Arabic club in her school so that other children could learn the language and communicate better with the children from Syria. They only had 2 meetings of the club but her teacher Mrs Hedges has assured me that if the interest in the club picks up they will have more meetings at school. Last but not least I want to say that I have been to numerous parent/teacher meetings at Jessica’s school and all of her teachers over the years have told me what a great kid she is and what a pleasure she is to have in their classroom, as Jessica always wants to help out wherever she can or whoever she can. On top of all this Jessica has a great sense of humor and is always making her family and friends laugh and she really is just a joy to be around!! I am very proud of Jessica everyday and the person she is and is going to be in the future Thank you Fresh Radio for taking the time to read my submission.