2017 / 2018 Kids With Class

100.5 Fresh Radio, Lighthouse Private Wealth and Darling Insurance are back for the 2017 / 2018 school year, celebrating “Kids with Class” – a promotional initiative that recognizes the extraordinary efforts, achievements and victories of Peterborough’s greatest kids!

We encourage parents, guardians, employers, coaches, friends, teachers, co-op program coordinators… anyone to submit their “Kid with Class” story below! Pete & Catherine and the 100.5 Fresh Radio crew will visit each winner’s school or practice and personally congratulate them for being a “Kid with Class”!

Each month we will award one deserving student:

– $100 R.E.S.P. from Lighthouse Private Wealth

– $100 Lansdowne Place gift card from Darling Insurance plus two(2) tickets to enjoy a Peterborough Senior Lakers lacrosse game in June from the Darling Insurance suite with snacks & soft drinks included.

– a class lunch from PJ’s Diner

Plus, at the end of the school year, one extraordinary Kid with Class will win a $1,000 R.E.S.P. from Lighthouse Private Wealth.

There are many great kids in our community who have achieved personal success in one form or another! Whether they have reached a personal goal, helped someone in need, or excelled beyond the expectations of others – we want to hear their stories! Give credit where credit is due









Pictured in the photo are Glenn Millar from Darling Insurance (in back, second from left) Cherie from Lighthouse Private Wealth (far right), May Kids With Class from the Crowe Family, King George Public School principal Mrs Masterson (second from right) plus Pete and Catherine from FRESH Mornings.

The whole team at 100.5 Fresh Radio, Darling Insurance, Lighthouse Private Wealth and PJ’s Diner would like to congratulate the Crowe Family for being our May KIDS WITH CLASS for the 2017 / 2018 school year. The kids go to Armour Heights and King George Public in Peterborough and were nominated by their Mom Tracey.

Here is the nomination that Tracey Crowe sent in:

I have 4 wonderful children….we are a family that plays together and sticks up for each other and protects each other…that being said they also fight yell argue…but at the end of the day they will never not be there for each other
Ryan has down syndrome and each one of my kids have risen to the challenge of having a sibling with special needs…it’s not always easy but it has made all 4 of them better human beings..and the empathy they have for others is amazing
All 4 of my kids have the same special qualities they would help anyone in need, share their last cookie, give away their last dollar, give the shirt of their back…stand up for what’s right
Bobby is 13 and he helps with watching the kids when needed and it’s not always easy but he always helps and has all of their backs
Ryan has the most loving hugs and he makes us laugh and smile his hugs can heal
Rachel takes care of her brothers always helps when asked…no matter who is around Rachel treats everyone the same and includes everyone
Reese is my firecracker him and Ryan fight but he would stand up and protect him at all costs he has the biggest heart
All my kids wear their hearts on their sleeves….I am one lucky Mom


Pictured are Glenn Miller from Darling Insurance (far left) Cherie from Lighthouse Private Wealth (second from left), April Kid With Class Molly Sharman (in black shirt with white barbell), Brodie Birkoff (Molly’s trainer pictured behind Catherine) members of her family, plus Pete and Catherine from FRESH Mornings

The whole team at 100.5 Fresh Radio, Darling Insurance, Lighthouse Private Wealth and PJ’s Diner would like to congratulate Molly Sharman our April KID WITH CLASS for the 2017 / 2018 school year. Molly goes to Monsignor O’Donoghue Catholic Elementary School in Peterborough and was nominated by her Mom Amy.

Here is the nomination that her Mom sent in:

When 10 years old, our Daughter Molly Sharman lacked the confidence shown by her school friends and older Sister. To try and boost Molly’s confidence we enrolled her in various clubs and activities, such as dance, karate, lacrosse and rock climbing but nothing really did the trick. Eventually we settled on kids CrossFit at CrossFit PTBO. Molly really enjoyed her CrossFit classes and we began to notice the change in her confidence that we were hoping for. Back in early 2016 we were approached by Molly’s CrossFit coaches who said they had noticed an ability and a commitment in her that would be ideal for their Olympic Lifting class and would she like to try out. We left the decision to Molly and she excitedly agreed to give it a go. Molly has now been lifting now for a year and a half. She has competed in 5 competitions (with her 6th one coming up this weekend) and has the confidence to get up and compete on a stage, on her own, in front of a room full of spectators and other athletes. Olympic Weightlifting centres around two moves – the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Molly can easily lift 24kg in the Snatch and 31kg in the Clean and Jerk – if you see Molly you would understand quite how amazing this is! She trains 3 times a week and she has barely missed a session. She is a dedicated athlete who will go far in her chosen sport. We are very proud of Molly and what she has achieved and will continue to achieve and so grateful to Olympic Lifting – and her coaches at CrossFit PTBO – for really bringing her confidence out and allowing her to shine.