Peterborough Astronomy Club Hosts Monthly Zoom Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Peterborough Astronomical Association’s (PAA) will take place online November 5th, instead of at our customary location of the Rotary Education Centre/Guest Services Building, Riverview Park Zoo, but instead in your own home. Even Covid-19 cannot stop the spread of information and knowledge by the members of the PAA. Our work around involves using a platform called Zoom. To participate just make sure that in advance, you opened a (free) Zoom account on whatever iphone or tablet device you wish to participate with and then contact for the password and link to our evenings presentations.

Our “Novice Astronomy Classes” are focused on the practical aspects of learning about astronomy. You will be introduced to astronomy related subjects at a very basic level, but in a logical sequence. This month’s session is entitled “Choosing A Telescope” – this will be an overview of the types of telescopes; their advantages and disadvantages; examples of models and price points available today, as well as advice on getting started using your first telescope.
If you are even remotely interested, be on-line by 6:00 p.m. to see what you can learn about the world around you. The classes will run about 45 minutes each session, before our regular meeting resumes.

Shortly after 7:00 p.m. there will be a brief meeting. The main presentation for this month will be “Astronomy During a Pandemic”, by PAA member, Sean Dunne. During the past 18 months the Club has been unable to hold club or public viewing events but the heavens don’t wait and we have had many interesting celestial events during that time. There have been visits from three significant comets, an eclipse of the Sun, and the closest conjunction of the planets Saturn and Jupiter in over 400 years. The Club has had many interesting and very well organized virtual observing sessions from members’ observatories but some members felt the need to get out under the stars and do it themselves. Sean is one of those and has observed and photographed these key events and others.
In this talk, he will present some of his photographs and some from his fellow PAA members and discuss the challenges of finding a suitable place to observe during the pandemic. He will also discuss his equipment and the steps in planning for a onetime event or for observing in a new location.
We guarantee you will see and learn things you never knew before. A feast for the eyes and a thirsty brain. The price is right…it costs you nothing but your time.