2022 Auction for Safe Nights at YWCA

Hundreds of women and children in Peterborough live without the basic human right to safety every day and every night – even when they’re in their own homes. Last year alone, YWCA Peterborough Haliburton shelters provided 6,755 safe nights’ sleep to women and children escaping violence and abuse.

Last year, the YWCA Crossroads shelter was full 100+% of the time. There were nights when they set up cots for women and their children to sleep on, rather than turning them away.

One Safe Night at YWCA Crossroads Shelter costs $64.65 (beyond what government funding provides) and includes everything a woman or child will need: a warm, private room, nutritious meals, onsite counselling, fresh linens and pajamas, personal care essentials, resources and referrals, post-shelter counselling support, the tools to build a new life, and more.

Our $15,000.00 goal will go a long way to help women and children in our community who are escaping abuse and violence.  Please help us reach our goal by bidding high and donating generously!