Harmony For Healing – Spirit In The Sky

“Harmony for Healing”, an annual musical soirée spotlighting Peterborough’s top musicians, including the core Harmony for Healing House Band. Revel in special performances by The Weber Brothers, Melissa Payne, Nicholas Campbell, Austin Carson, Carling Campbell, Beth Anne Pelow on Sax, Tony Silvestri, and art by Jason Wilkins Art & Creative Inc. amongst others. Dive deep into the sounds of the 1960s with our “Spirit in the Sky” theme. With a commitment to mental health and suicide prevention, our mission is to raise $10k annually, targeting $50k over 5 years, in support of the transformative A.O.S.P. program. Each year promises a fresh musical decade, making it an unmissable event. Join us in harnessing music’s power for healing and change.

Proudly sponsored by 101.5 The Wolf, Global Peterborough and 100.5 Fresh Radio.