Curlers Care Fun Bonspiel – In support of Soldier On

Non-Curlers & Curlers (a short training session will be given to non-curlers) are invited join us for a fun bonspiel supporting SOLDIER ON.

Entry:  Enter as a team (preferably) or individually

Curling:  2 six end games

Special:  Official ceremony including military colour guard etc

Meals:  If enough curlers for 2 draws:  Morning snacks, lunch, dinner

If only 1 draw:  Morning snacks, main meal at lunchtime, après curling snack

Price:  $25 per person registration fee + minimum $75/per person donation to Soldier On which is tax deductible.

To register to curl they can contact Sharon Stafford at or phone at 705-292-7402. 

Sponsored by 101.5 The Wolf, Global Peterborough and 100.5 Fresh Radio


What is Soldier On all about? 

  • There is a statistic that says that more who served in Afghanistan have died of suicide than were killed in combat. Think of the stories coming out of the Invictus Games of how physical activity has helped those participants.  That’s what Soldier On is all about.
  • Soldier On is an arm of the Cdn Armed Forces but is funded by private & corporate donations
  • Soldier On promotes & enables physical activity as a means of rehabilitation & reintegration for veterans & currently serving members who have physical &/or mental injuries and illnesses.
  • Soldier On holds & funds approx. 30 sporting “camps” across Canada annually. Each camp highlights a different physical activity such as skiing, cycling, kayaking, golfing, etc to reintroduce the member into a physical activity or sport.  These camps also provide a safe forum for them to meet and participate with others like themselves who are dealing with similar challenges.
  • Soldier On also provides financial grants to purchase adaptive sporting equipment (such as recumbent bikes) for those participants who wish to continue to pursue the sport. 
  • In 2017 approx. 350 attended these camps & over 300 grants were given for equipment purchases. Cost of this program in 2017 was approximately $1.2 million.