2019 Bel Rotary Polar plunge

Planning on taking the Plunge for your charity of choice on February 3th? This site will allow you to easily register your team and plungers, track your pledges and meet any goal you set.

Over the past 38 years we have raised in excess of $680,000 for charities and local organizations. Please join us in Ennismore and support your community.

This is the opportunity for community members to raise money for the cause or charity of your choice. 50% of the monies raised goes to the jumper’s chosen charity and 50% goes to BEL Rotary to support its local and international service projects.

The theme is Hockey Plunge in Canada!  All plungers can celebrate their hockey roots, loves and allegiances. Grab your mouthguard and your favorite jersey and get ready to plunge!

Registration and pledge forms are on the BEL website: http://www.belrotaryplunge.com. There is also the option for jumpers to gather donations on line, on the same website.

For more information, go to http://www.belrotary.com and click on the lefthand side to obtain a pledge sheet, see the rules and to find out how to generate an on-line account or contact Tony Davidson, this year’s Plunge Chair at 705-743-4244 or by e-mail: anthony.davidson@rbc.com.

Sponsored by Global Peterborough, 101.5 The Wolf and 100.5 Fresh Radio.​