Every Brilliant Thing (New Stages Theatre Company)

Every Brilliant Thing (New Stages Theatre Company)

Event Details: Every Brilliant Thing is a life-affirming story of how hope can be maintained by focusing on the things in life that are profound in their simplicity. The play avoids the familiar way plays and films depict depression and self-destruction by writing the story with humour that includes stand-up comedy and audience participation that keeps the play entertaining and fun yet moving and relatable.

Stratford actor Steve Ross plays an adult man whose family history of mental illness has affected him more deeply than he realizes. Breaking the 4th wall, the audience plays an important role in assisting the actor in telling the story in a way that is gentle. This audience participation will not be a confrontation to those who prefer to sit in anonymity at the theatre. It is an empowering form of audience participation that leads audience members to feel a mutual bond in providing the character in front of them with comfort and joy.

Every Brilliant Thing is about the realities each of us face and reminds us to appreciate the joys of being alive and what it means to be human. And that is what the best of theatre does.

Event Location: The Theatre on King

Event Dates: January 16th – 25th, 2020

Event Start/End Times: 7:30pm Tuesday-Saturday, 1:30pm Sunday

Event info : http://publicenergy.ca/performance/new-stages-theatre-company-every-brilliant-thing/

Event Price: $25 / $15 underwaged

Tickets : https://tickets.markethall.org/eventperformances.asp?evt=32