Drive-Thru Indian River Reptile / Dinosaur Park!

Stomp! Chomp! Rawr!

Come see what all the noise is about! You have the chance to drive your family through a land of Dinosaurs!
Our Drive-Thru Dinosaur Park is the perfect trip for you and the kids to go back to a place in time when these creatures roamed the earth, without having to leave your car!

Get out of the house and join the experience for only $15 per vehicle! Tickets are limited for each day, so buy one ASAP!

Our event is operating in cooperation with COVID-19 restrictions and respects social distancing practices. Everyone must stay in their vehicles and it should be one family unit travelling in each car. Washrooms are not available on location.

Our park is a not-for-profit sanctuary and charity for rescued and abandoned reptiles. All of the proceeds from ticket sales come right back into the sanctuary to help us care for over 200 animals, including turtles, tortoises, snakes, lizards, alligators and crocodiles!

Tickets must be purchased online.
Tickets are nonrefundable.

Tickets available through May 31st.