2021 Bel Rotary Virtual Pandemic Polar Plunge

The BEL Rotary Polar Plunge will look a little different for 2021…

In conjunction with 101.5 The Wolf, Global Peterborough and 100.5 Fresh Radio, BEL Rotary is encouraging plungers to take the plunge virtually this year!

BEL Rotary will supply plungers with a kiddie pool to take the plunge at a location of the plungers choosing and then upload it to the website.

Here’s how it works:

  • Plungers must register online HERE
  • All monies raised must be pledged online
  • Of the money raised, 50% of the monies will be forwarded to the charity by the BEL Rotary Club. The remaining 50% will be used by BEL Rotary to support Rotary service and charitable projects.
  • Plungers must raise minimum of $100 online by February 1, 2021
  • The kiddie pool can be picked up at a designated location (TBD) or dropped off.
  • The plunge, snow angel, frolicking in the snow, etc. must happen by February 7th and uploaded to the BEL plunge website

BEL then distributes funds raised to the charities of choice!

Happy plunging!