Green Ribbon Campaign for Mental Health

We are excited to be launching our first ever Green Ribbon Campaign for Mental Health Week (May 7-12) this year. Our hope for this campaign is to
raise awareness and create more discussions around mental health and promote the idea that mental health is everyone’s business. We will be selling the green ribbons by donation to raise funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge. We will have approximate 2,000 green ribbons that our student volunteers along with C.M.H.A. staff and board members will hand out at major locations in the four counties along with educational material.
Our key messages are:
 Mental health is worth protecting, celebrating and promoting
 Everyone has mental health, just as everyone has physical health
 Together, we can create a thriving and inclusive community free from

We will be creating an online resource to help people learn ways to protect,
celebrate and promote their mental health that will be available on our blog
on May 4th, which you can find at
You can get your green ribbon at the following locations or by contacting us
May 4. Lindsay Square. 2-5pm
May 5. Lansdowne Place. 9:30 – 6pm
May 5. Fontaine Source for Sports. 1-4pm
May 7-12: Merrett Home Hardware @ checkout
May 7. Corus Corner (King and George). 8-9:45am
May 9. Peterborough Square. 11-2pm