Take care of yourself, take care of your community.

So many of us don’t feel like ourselves these days, and the pandemic is making it hard to get the help we need.

Ride Don’t Hide is a way to take care of yourself and take care of your community.

Ride Don’t Hide 2021 will take place in neighbourhoods all across Canada. No matter where you call home, you can ride and raise funds. It’s your ride, your way.

In June 2021, thousands of riders – and walkers, runners, yogis, spinners, dancers, families, rope-jumpers, HIIT trainers and more – will come together to ride outside, ride inside or ride in spirit to raise funds for mental health in their own communities.

Ride to feel like yourself again. Raise funds for mental health to get one more person the help they need.

For more information, to sign up or to donate, click HERE