Fist Pump Fridays

Win a $75 gift card for JACK’S Family Restaurant in Peterborough or Lakefield with Fresh Radio’s “Fist Pump Fridays”.

When you hear the cue-to-text, send a text to 705-876-1005 using the weekly code word that Pete and Dani will announce during FRESH Mornings on Friday’s.

Then on Friday’s before 9:00 a.m. EST, they’ll select one text entry to win the weekly prize of a $75 gift card to use at JACK’S Family Restaurant.

Visit JACK’S Family Restaurant for their “Holiday Special” featuring 1/4 chicken dinner with stuffing, cranberry sauce, coleslaw or honey bourbon beans, garlic toast and your choice of side. ($1.49 extra for white meat). Enjoy the ice cream Holiday log for dessert or one of our homemade pies for a total of $13.99 + tax.

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