Crashes look more painful in slow-mo...

As I sit here in the studio this afternoon taking it easy on my back, I’ve gotten to the point of asking myself if this is my life now. Why, you ask? Because I’ve somehow managed to throw out my back numerous times in the last week. To be fair, one of the times came while I was helping a friend move last weekend. The one that really made me wonder what my problem is was when I bent down to pick up something off the floor after finally starting to feel good again only to re-injure myself.

Asking my dad about it, he said “Yeah, I was about your age when I started dealing with the same issues.” So yeah, I guess this is my life now.

I’m not even thirty. I don’t know when along the way I got feeling so old though. And I know, from having been told it by numerous people older than I, that it’s just beginning. To be fair, I’ve never been a big health fanatic, and only recently got going to the gym regularly and actually started enjoying it. That’s something I’m proud of – though I’ve suffered a bit of a setback this week dealing with my back.

Hurting myself by doing almost nothing is only the latest eye-opening experience that tells me I can’t bounce back quite like I used to. One of the biggest eye-openers for me happened last year, when I foolishly decided to take my street motorcycle off-roading. I don’t recommend anyone do that who doesn’t have a dual-sport motorcycle or dirt bike, though I have done more trailblazing on my bike since then. Anyway, I got caught in a muddy rut, and while trying to get out of it, I managed to launch myself off my bike and into the ground. I landed on a mound of mud, which I figured should have been soft enough to not injure me too much… But for weeks after, I was dealing the pain associated with bruised ribs. I now have incredible sympathy for anyone who ever suffers bruised or broken ribs. Simply put, it sucked.

I try to keep myself out of harm’s way for the most part anymore, which means I don’t have much desire to get on a skateboard. It’s not something I was ever good at, and I’m okay with that.

The same seems to be the case for Dan of The Slow-Mo Guys. If you’ve never heard of them, you should check them out. They’ve been doing their thing with slow-mo cameras and super cool visuals on YouTube for a few years now. You can find their channel HERE, but I’ll share one of my favourites with you so you can get an idea of what they’re doing.

They recently worked with YouTube to move out of Gav’s backyard and into LA to create The Super Slow Show.

Among the cool things they’ve been doing with that, they also recently worked with Tony Hawk.

During the shooting for that, though, Dan suggests that if Hawk lands the trick, he’ll drop in on the halfpipe. My opinion on that can be summed up by Tom Arnold here:

He doesn’t really skateboard from what I can tell, and having hurt myself at the Peterborough skatepark years ago trying to go down a small kicker (not a 14-foot halfpipe), I know this isn’t going to end well. To his credit, though, he’s protected himself better than I did back then. But still, when the inevitable crash happens, it’s a sight to behold:

I gotta hand it to him (and lots of skaters online have also) – he really fully committed to that, which is a lot more than most people would do. Still though, there’s something almost sickening about that slow-motion thud and watching his body hit the ground.

Good for you, Dan – taking one for the team.

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