Fresh Top 20 Remix

We’re back with another edition of the Fresh Top 20 Remix where each week we’ll take a look at the Fresh Top 20 list and showcase our favourite remix and talk about both the original artist and the remixer.

This week we are featuring May 5th’s #5 track…

Charlie Puth – How Long

Charlie Puth has been a house-hold name since his debut studio album, Nine Track Mind, was released in January 2016. He got his start on YouTube, releasing covers and getting noticed by Perez Hilton in a video-singing competition. This caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres who brought him on her show and signed him to her label, eleveneleven. He was signed to Atlantic shortly after to prepare Nine Track Mind which was very well-received. His single, Marvin Gaye, has gone multi-platinum in Australia and topped the charts all over the United Kingdom. The guy has a voice as smooth as silk and a great r’n’b sound. And without further ado, here’s his current hit – “How Long”.

Already the song has a nice groove to it once the funky breakbeat hits so I knew there would be an amazing remix available for this and I was not wrong…

Charlie Puth – How Long (EDX’s Dubai Skyline Remix)

The song starts off pretty differently than the original, with some dancey piano chords and atmospheric pads building up the soundscape. But man, when the beat drops it is just SO DIRTY. I am in love with this remix, I was actually listening to it as a part of a Coachella mix last week and was happy to find it again today. Maurizio Colella, better known as EDX, is a Swiss DJ & Producer with so many years of experience in the EDM scene, the guy is prolific! Anyways, enough jibber-jabber, you MUST listen to this!

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