Peterborough police crack down on speeding drivers in residential areas

Here’s some friendly (potentially life-saving) advice: Pay extra attention to your speedometer through the streets of Peterborough.

The Peterborough Police Service has launched a summer traffic campaign targeting speeding in residential neighbourhoods.   Sarah Deeth from CHEX News did a ride-along with the local traffic unit this morning, and it didn’t take long for officers to start writing tickets.

The campaign is in direct response to community concerns and complaints.

“The number one complaint we hear on a daily basis is about speeding in residential areas,” says Traffic Sergeant Peter Sejrup.

The campaign, called Safe Under 7, will take a zero tolerance approach to motorists driving in excess of 7 km/h over the posted speed limit in residential neighbourhoods.  And the campaign will run for the months of June, July and August.

Residents who wish to report traffic concerns in their neighbourhood are asked to call the Peterborough Police Service Traffic Unit at 705-876-1122 ext. 289.


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