Mike Fisher sings Carrie's hit "Cry Pretty". It's a bit (ummm)..."pitchy"!

After retiring a second time from the NHL, Mike Fisher is trying to find a new career.

Is singing his new calling?    Well, you be the judge.

While out with the family in the truck the other day, Mike started singing along to a recording of his wife’s (Carrie Underwood) latest hit, “Cry Pretty”.

Carrie asks, “You gonna start your new career as a country singer, babe?”

“I’ve heard that many times,” Mike replies, just before launching back into the track, crooning, “No, no, no, no, no, nononono, nooooo!”

At this point, 3-year-old son (Isaiah) can be heard adorably giggling at his dad’s antics from the backseat.

Sorry, Mike.   We think it’s best if you bail on your music career now.   maybe your good friend Patrick McAuley or your brother Rob can get you into the real estate biz??!!



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