Nielsen Canada's 5th annual report on our music listen habits is out

Interested in how Canadians consume music? Nielsen Canada’s fifth annual Canada Music 360 Report is out with data collected from about 13,000 people across the country. The findings are most interesting.

  • 91% of Canadians listen to music. Makes you wonder about that remaining 9%, doesn’t it? True, some may have hearing disabilities, but what about the rest?
  • 97% of Canadian teens listen to music
  • 96% of Canadian Millennials listen to music
  • When it comes to listening to music on a daily basis, 98% of teens and 96% of Millennials stream playlists. Their favourites are the one that they themselves created followed by recommended music on algorithmically-generated lists.
  • Most teens and Millennials use more than two streaming services, but mostly the free tiers (only 34% pay for a stream subscription).
  • The most popular device for teen listening to music is the smartphone (68%) followed by tablets (28%). Only 39% of average music listeners use smartphones and 16% use tablets.
  • 70% of satellite radio listeners listen in the car.
  • 70% stream radio at home, 40% in the car, 27% at work, 11% on public transit, 10% in the gym.
  • Radio is alive and well.

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