The 2018 World Cup is finally here. What are the best World Cup songs of all time?

The World Cup starts in Russia today with what could be the worst opening game ever: host Russia (ranked #104 in the world and are only there because Russia is the host country) vs. Saudi Arabia (#97). Not exactly a barnburner match, right?

Still, the World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world and gives the whole planet to slack off at work for the next month. I love it most games will be right in the middle of the workday here in the eastern time zone.

Who will win? Germany, probably. But anything can happen. This AI program ran through the tournament 100,000 times and came up with its prediction.

And then there’s the matter of World Cup music. Here’s this year’s track.

Meh. But what’s better? Billboard has sorted through the best World Cup songs since 1962 and has come up with this verdict.

Here’s their #1 pick: Shakira’s “Waka Waka” from 2010.

My favourite? This rejected submission by Colourbox for the 1986 tournament in Mexico (which was the last time Canada qualified; we score nil goals.)

And I can’t finish this post without a nod to New Order’s official song for the 1990 English squad.

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