Paramedic describes gruesome scene as Peterborough murder trial continues

Paramedic James Sandziuk painted a dark scene in court on Thursday afternoon.

Responding to a call on Haggis Drive, Sandziuk told the court he was ushered into the Peterborough house by police officers.

Family of Thomas Chan testify about night his father died as murder trial gets underway in Peterborough

Dr. Andrew Chan was lying on the kitchen floor, lifeless, he testified. There was blood on the floor and wall. Police officers were performing CPR.

But it was no good. Dr. Chan, the paramedic testified, was dead.

Another victim was found in a bedroom. That woman, identified by Sandziuk as Dr. Chan’s partner, Lynn Witteveen, had multiple serious injuries to her face, neck, torso and extremities.

“All appeared to be stab wounds,” he testified.

Witteveen was rushed to the hospital. Sandziuk said he rode with her in the ambulance.

Thomas Chan is accused of killing his father, Dr. Andrew Chan.

Thomas Chan is accused of killing his father, Dr. Andrew Chan.

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Friends of Thomas Chan testify in murder trial about night his father died

Dr. Chan’s son, 21-year-old Thomas Chan, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault. His trial began Monday.

The paramedic was the last witness to take the stand on Thursday.

During the morning, court heard from several residents who lived near Dr. Chan’s Haggis Drive home. Several testified that they were woken up in the night by yelling on the street.

Thomas Chan’s defence grills Crown witness over magic mushrooms

Witness Ian Lowes testified that he heard someone let out a “guttural” roar on the street. Lowes said he also heard the man yell, “No one can stop God,” and, “You can’t help me anymore, I am God.”

“If you were going to make a movie about someone possessed, you would ask him to speak that way,” Lowes said, describing the man’s tone and words.

Chuck Hamilton lives about a block away from the home on Haggis Drive.

He said he was having trouble sleeping that night, and went outside to have a cigarette on his back porch.

He saw a car drive from Denure Drive, the location of Thomas’s mom’s home, and come to a stop on Haggis. Hamilton said he saw someone standing outside the car, followed by the sounds of anger and confrontation.

He told court he heard someone say, “I don’t want to fight you, man,” followed by what sounded like three sharp blows to something and breaking glass.

Hamilton testified that he saw someone on the street, moving erratically and waving his arms aggressively. He testified he didn’t hear any religious statements.

He says he did hear the person say things like, “You never loved me, 19 years, you’ve never been happy.”

Hamilton told court there was one more loud sound and then everything went quiet. He returned to bed, and found out the next morning that there had been a homicide on Haggis Drive.

He told court he walked down the street and told police what he had heard.

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