This Halloween costume probably isn't going to win you any contests

Halloween is still more than a month away but the candy is in the stores so I know it’s on your mind. You may be waiting for the day after Halloween when all the chocolate goes on sale, or maybe you’re thinking about a killer costume to wear to a party this year.

Well, if you’re trying to put in minimal effort there is a costume this year that definitely fits this generation… a ghost. Not just any ghost though. A ghosting ghost. Yes, you read that right. A ghost like when the person you’ve been seeing/talking to just disappears.

Now the problem with this costume is that assuming the texts are to represent iPhone texts, you’re repping that YOU’VE been ghosted because the texts are blue and that would be your texts to someone.

If you’re going to spend some money on a costume this year… will it be on this one?

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