Mysterious flock of chickens shuts down BC road. Fowl play is suspected...

(Said in your best Robert Stack voice) “Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries…the case of the chickens who won’t say where they’re from!!”

A community north of Victoria, B-C is dealing with a mysterious invasion of poultry.   

Police and firefighters in the Saanich area of Vancouver Island had a not-so-normal day on the job yesterday, as they were called to perform the task of rounding up about 90 mature (older) chickens who were along a road.  Some of them crossed the road, but no one is quite sure why!

But after closing down the road, officials hatched a plan to herd the chickens into a nearby tennis court while waiting for animal control crews to arrive.

As of today (Friday), no one has come forward to claim them…and the birds aren’t talking either.   Authorities are trying to determine if they escaped or were dumped by someone because the hens were “past their prime” for laying eggs.


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