Wow! Michael Buble hands mic to guy in crowd...and gets blown away by his voice!

Andrew Zarillo is feeling over-the-moon happy about being at Michael Buble’s concert in the Atlanta area this past weekend.

Andrew happened to be near the stage, as Michael began singing the 1954 Frank Sinatra hit, “Fly me to the Moon.”   Seeing Andrew singing along, Michael Buble handed the microphone over to the former Texas A&M student.

What happened next is unbelievable.   THe sound that came out of Andrew Zarillo literally blew Michael Buble away.   The next star of crooning may have just been discovered!

Andrew uploaded the video of the performance on YouTube, and maintains that the moment was completely unscripted or unrehearsed – – “Everyone thought it was scripted but it’s a totally impromptu moment!”

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