VIDEO: This member of Leaf Nation just put himself in a classic Seinfeld episode!

In the NHL playoffs, anything can happen. (Just ask the Tampa Bay Lightning, who – – despite finishing the regular season as the league’s top team – – just got swept in 4 straight games in round one by the Columbus Blue Jackets.

And, even stranger, a Toronto Maple Leafs fan has ended up in an episode of Seinfeld.

Domenic Nardone from Brantford, a former graphic designer and now a film editor, became a Leafs’ version of ‘Puddy’ in his latest YouTube creation called “Go Leafs Go.” In the video clip, Domenic transposed himself over actor Patrick Warburton, with help from a green screen and his wife – – who did the voice-overs of Elaine.  And the result is brilliant!

The original episode originally aired in 1995. The plot revolved around the main cast and Elaine’s then-boyfriend (David Puddy) going to a Stanley Cup playoff game between the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers.

The character, now known in “Seinfeld” folklore simply as ‘Puddy,’ painted a devil-like face for the game – – which upset Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) who demanded he stop or she would break up with him.

Domenic spoke to Kelly Cutrara from Global’s AM 640 in Toronto, and explained how it all happened:




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