VIDEO: Take a virtual ride on Canada's Wonderland new coaster, "Yukon Striker"

In just 3 days, the public will finally be able to ride the Yukon Striker – – the world’s highest and fastest ‘dive’ coaster – – at Canada’s Wonderland.

When they say “public”, they an exclude me. (I don’t do heights. But you go ahead!)  This roller coaster looks insane.  Last week, Wonderland teased the world with a Point Of View video.

It takes you up. And up. And up some more…until you see most of Toronto and Lake Ontario.

Yukon Striker then hangs there for 3 seconds (although, people who have gone on test runs say those 3 seconds feel like an eternity).  Once it lets you go from the top, it dives 90 degrees – – 75 metres down, soaring past the neighbouring coaster (Vortex) – – and hitting a top speed of 130 km/h through a tunnel.    (Hmmmm…again, no thanks).

It’s safe to say from the photos and videos shared online the Yukon Striker at Canada’s Wonderland looks absolutely terrifying.

Friday is opening day.  Be prepared to wait in line a while though.

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