Here "it" is! The trailer for the "It" sequel has just been released!!

The town of Port Hope is about to get a little more attention and love, as the excitement ramps up for the release of the “It” movie sequel.

Pennywise the murdering clown will soon be back on the big screen.  And, as will likely recall, many of the horror film’s scenes were filmed in Port Hope last year, including shots of the infamous clown on top of a Paul Bunyan statue that was situated near the town hall.   There were also multiple Stephen King sightings in the town during filming.

The “It” sequel will be in theatres on Sept. 6.

But, on Tuesday, the master of horror himself, Stephen King, tweeted to fans that the film’s trailer would be released on Thursday at noon.

As promised, it did!

Check it out  – the FIRST look at the “It” sequel:


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