Amazon developing emotion-detecting wearable tech device (No, it's not a "Mood Ring". But close.)

In the digital age of Fitbits and smartwatches, we’ve become obsessed with collecting data about ourselves – – the number of steps we take in a day, our heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rate.

But, imagine being able to glance at someone’s wrist and see what kind of mood they’re in – – in advance of approaching them to engage in conversation.

Amazon is reportedly working on an “emotion detector” you can wear on your wrist.  Bloomberg reports the device is designed to work with a smartphone app and has microphones paired with software that can determine a person’s emotional state from the sound of his or her voice.  It’s being developed by the same teams involved with the Echo and Alexa technology.

Documents show that, if it eventually finds its way to us consumers, this emotion-detecting technology could advise the wearer how to interact more effectively with others.   (Conversely, is it possible that it might help you stay clear from others who are displaying a case of the “grumpies” on any given day?  If that’s the case, can Amazon double up on the number of employees working on this?  – – offer overtime? – – because it can’t happen fast enough!!)

What would you expect to pay for such a device?   I think it’s safe to say that it’ll significantly more than the 5-bucks we foolishly spent on a K-Tel Mood Ring all those years ago.  Then again, who could resist a sales pitch like this…




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