Spice World 2019

The Spice Girls tour kicked off the other night despite rumors that it might not go forward due to issues between Mel B and Geri. Mel B had said that she slept with Geri back in the band’s heyday but Geri denied this. Fans wondered if this was the thing that would throw the tour off the rails. Let’s not forget the reunion tour back in 2008 that was cut short after their show in Toronto. But, Emma Bunton (Baby) said that they tour would be going on as planned despite the rumours.

Geri Halliwell Denies Sleeping With Mel B

Despite Mel B’s claim, Geri Halliwell says she never slept with the fellow Spice Girls. Who do you believe?

Posted by ET Canada on Monday, April 1, 2019

And go on it did. However, the reviews are mixed. Some fans are saying that it was a magical night and that they need more, others being upset about the sound quality. It was pointed out that many fans were sitting down during the performance, some even leaving due to not even knowing what song was being played because of the bad sound quality.  Mel B posted a video thanking everyone for coming out and apologizing for the sound problems, saying that she hopes it will be better for their next stop.


If all can be good, sound gets fixed and no feuds start, maybe… just maybe they will have a bigger tour and head to this side of the pond for some shows. Albeit that will probably be without Victoria (Posh) again. But still, there would be lots of Girl Power

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