VIDEO: That super weird and cheezy Skydome opening tv special

This morning, we asked “What’s your favourite Skydome/Rogers Centre memory?”    Springsteen, New Kids on the Block, Madonna and (of course) Joe Carter’s World Series-winning home run for the ’93 Jays were all mentioned.

For the record, nobody mentioned the star-studded official opening.   And for good reason – – it’s something that we’d all like to forget.

When Skydome opened on June 3, 1989, there was a primetime variety show on CBC to celebrate the occasion, co-hosted by Canadian actor Alan Thicke and Second City Television’s Andrea Martin.

There were songs about the retractable roof.  Dance routines, comedy skits, and a whole lot of cheeziness — sharper than an extra old Canadian cheddar.

Let’s relive the cringy awkwardness one more time, shall  we? Happy birthday, Skydome (er, Rogers Centre)!

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