(VIDEO) Oh deer! Man is joined by deer on run through Detroit suburb

Having a running buddy is wonderful.  Not only can you enjoy each other’s company; you provide each other with motivation and incentive to push on.

A Detroit area man went for a run – – alone – – this week, but was soon joined by some unlikely friends.

Jared Wein is now becoming known as the Deer Whisperer.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. He says, “Whenever I would stop they would stop too, and then when I run they were running.”

Jared was running from Royal Oak to Southfield (outside of Detroit) to visit his wife at work.  He saw the deer 20 feet away, but never imagined they would join him.

He says, “I had no food on me.  I may have smelled like salt from sweat…but no food.”

Forget “running with the bulls”.   This “running with the deer” thing looks ways more fun, huh??!!


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