VIDEO: Does NFL star Tom Brady deserve the dad-shaming he's getting for this cliff jump?

The internet is full of perfect parents. Not even a superstar football player is immune from criticism and shaming.

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is on the receiving end of some backlash this week, after sharing a video of himself jumping off a waterfall with his 6½-year-old daughter, Vivian, while vacationing in Costa Rica.

We see them on the edge of a small cliff and waterfall (above a natural pool) where other people were seen swimming below. Tom joined hands with his daughter…asked, “Are you ready?” counted to three, yelled “go” and the two of them jumped into the water.

The problem is that little Vivian seems to have a moment of indecision (perhaps having second thoughts about going through with the jump) during the countdown. However, the force of her dad’s grip pulls her off the ledge, and the result is an awkward landing in the water.

Comments from fans and followers were mixed, but the haters were questioning Tom Brady’s judgement as a parent. One Twitter uses advises the NFL to “consider punishment” for the Tom Brady, alleging, “His daughter almost broke her arm.”

Yeah. Well, I’m not totally sure about that.

Yes.  It’s a tough call.   We don’t know the context of everyhthing that led up to this video.

It appears little Vivian wanted to make the jump.  Tom Brady’s body language appears to be that of a loving dad, reassuring his daughter that he would do it with her; however the problem is the execution.  There’s clearly a risk with being able to clear the rock face trying to enter the water, and Tom probably didn’t anticipate his daughter’s last-second hesitation.    And while she (thankfully) was not hurt, the jump is somewhat anxiety-inducing to watch – – which is how Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson described it.

Have a look for yourself, and tell us —  “Does Tom Brady deserve to be dad-shamed for it?”

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