Get ready to feel old. A child asks "Why is the SAVE icon a vending machine?"

While playing “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins a few minutes ago, we started thinking back to the summer when that movie was in theatres.

It was the summer 1984.  Back when the tv show Miami Vice influenced mens fashions…Michael Jackson was burned in the filming of Pepsi commercial…the Summer Olympics were in LA and the USSR decided not to join the party. Prince Harry and Scarlett Johansson were born.

And the first Apple Macintosh was released.   Of course, you saved the work you completed on that computer on a floppy disc.

Which brings us to a story that’s gone viral this week, thanks to a curious child in Japan.

Over the weekend, a tweet was posted of a young Microsoft Excel user in Japan asking: “Why is the SAVE ICON a ‘Vending Machine (with) a beverage dispensed?”

The result of that innocent question is that a multitude of Twitter users just got reminded of how old they (we) are.

One person said, “I internally screeched ‘I’M STILL YOUNG’ as soon as I saw this!”     Another person wrote,  “it’s about time the floppy disk symbol gets replaced. It served us well, but it must go.”

Alright.  So it needs to go.    What would you replace it with?    (An elephant? – – because an elephant never forgets? Or, something that looks like a bank vault?)

Please share your ideas!!

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