Tiring of the home theatre? Bring back the nostalgia with a trip to a nearby drive-in!

Let’s be honest.  It’s not the best way to see a movie – bad sound, mosquitoes, too hot, too cold – but there’s something romantically nostalgic about drive-in theatres.

Early in my radio career, I had the good fortune of working at a radio station with a guy who owned the local drive-in. Free movie passes were part of the gig. So, Lisa and I would regularly take the Chevette into the Port Elmsley Drive-In, where families and friends have been watching movies under the stars since 1953.

Yes, the place is still in operation.   Which is remarkable, since most drive-in theatres are a distant memory.   Peterborough lost the Mustang.   And, after a brief resurrection, The Havelock Family Drive-In closed again in 2019.

In a COVID-19 world (and movie theatres closed down), drive-ins suddenly find themselves making a bit of a comeback.

The Lindsay Drive-In opened earlier this week, with strict safety procedures in place.  For instance, the snack bar is not operating (which is where movie theatre owners make the bulk of their revenue).

The Port Hope Drive-In plans to re-open on June 12.

Sure. You could stay home and watch a movie…without the mosquitoes and the bad sound quality.  But, you wouldn’t get to hear those famous words interrupting the movie, “The concession stand is closing in five minutes.”

We ❤️ see all your photos at the drivein!Thanks @punklovesid for coming out! #lindsaydrivein

Posted by Lindsay Drive In on Saturday, May 25, 2019

In a COVID-19 world, drive-in theatres are making a comeback! (The Lindsay Drive-In has re-opened. The one in Port Hope plans to re-open on June 12th)What great memories do you have of the drive-in??

Posted by 1005 Fresh Radio on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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