An Ottawa Valley family has gone totally Griswold this Christmas. Check out their display!

Are you kidding me, Clark?   A family from Stittsville (a suburb outside of Ottawa) is living out their own “Christmas Vacation” just like the Griswold family!

Shawn Turcotte, who is the vice-president of construction for Mattamy Homes, has strung up over 2,500 lights (the old-fashioned kind, no less!) on the family home.   That kind of thirst for electricity actually blew a couple of breakers at first, but Shawn was able to reconfigure some extension cords and electrical runs to make it work…safely.

Perhaps the family’s best acquisition this year was the ultimate Griswold “prop” – – a 80’s model station wagon that Shawn found on Kijiji, listed in Toronto. As an added bonus, the vehicle is actually road-worthy!  Shawn and the family strapped a mega-sized Christmas tree on top, and have been driving around the Ottawa Valley spreading Christmas cheer.

The Stittsville Griswolds (as they have become known as) are hoping to turn their Christmas spectacle into something good for charity.  The Turcottes are hoping to raise money for the Stittsville Food Bank.  Spectators are encouraged to donate directly from their cell phones.

Great idea!   Oh!   And Shawn, save the neck for me, ok??!!

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