Lip-sync challenge: Regina, Saskatoon mayors square off to raise COVID-19 vaccination rates

“Challenge accepted, Mayor Masters!” says Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark.

Regina Mayor Sandra Masters issued a challenge to Clark on Wednesday to see which city can record the most first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine over the next two weeks.

The mayor of the losing city has to lip-sync to a song chosen by the winning mayor.

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“Whichever city gets the most doses per capita from today (June 17) until June 30 is going to win the battle here,” Masters said.

“I’d really like to win this one.”

Clark said they are always ready for a friendly rivalry with Regina.

“I’m confident in our city’s ability to get out there and get those first doses in while we go down the home stretch towards the end of June,” Clark said.

“I’m happy to do our part to help promote that and help people feel ready and motivated to get out there and get vaccinated.”

Masters calls it a friendly fight.

“Because everyone wins when we do our part to end COVID-19,” Masters said.

“Getting everyone vaccinated is the path to celebrating with friends and family, opening up our economy and giving high-fives at Rider games.”

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Both mayors said they are taking suggestions for the song their losing counterpart will have to lip-sync.

Clark has a couple of songs he would like to see Masters lip-sync.

“One obvious song would be Running Back to Saskatoon, you know, it’s a well-loved song in our city and we always welcome Mayor Masters coming back here to Saskatoon,” Clark said.

Feeling Good by The Sheepdogs has a good riff to it and I would love to see Mayor Masters belt away at that song as well.”

Clark said there is a serious side to the challenge.

“We know the best protection that people can have in the whole community … is to get the maximum number of people vaccinated,” he said.

“It’s so important right now that we continue to make those appointments and get out there and get vaccinated.”

The Saskatchewan Health Authority will monitor first-doses administered in the cities and announce a winner.

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