Rapper YK Osiris Is In Awe Of Drake’s Futuristic Toilet

The most amazing part of Drake’s Toronto mansion might be his toilet, according to rapper YK Osiris.

On a visit to the singer’s Bridle Path home, Osiris posted a series of videos reacting to the 50,000-square-foot estate on Nov. 30.

His most extreme reaction, however, was reserved for the artist’s high-tech toilet.


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In an Instagram Story, the rapper made noises of awe as the toilet unfolded itself in response to a touchpad nearby.


“What the f**k is this? … This s**t crazy, man,” he exclaimed.

His second-biggest reaction of the night was reserved for Drake’s trophy room.


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“Oh God, this is what you call f**king greatness, man. … This is what I look up to,” the artist exclaimed as he walked between cases of Grammys and MTV Music Awards.

The mini-tour continued through the kitchen, where Osiris playfully traded jabs with Drake.

Drake recently added a mini-tour of the mansion himself to his website.

The virtual tour takes visitors through the recording studio and lounge areas — no viewing of the toilet, however.

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