Listen to Jim Carrey's contribution to the new Weeknd album

No  doubt about it, The Weeknd has a lot of friends.   And he called on a few of them to join him for the making of his newly-released album, “Dawn FM”.

Lil Wayne, Tyler the Creator and the legendary Quincy Jones are among those who had a hand in creating this masterpiece, along with actor Jim Carrey.

Jim and the Weeknd are good friends.   In fact, a few days ago Jim tweeted…“I listened to Dawn FM with my good friend Abel Tesfaye @theweeknd  last night. It was deep and elegant and it danced me around the room. I’m thrilled to play a part in his symphony.”

How did these two become friends?  The Weeknd talked about his friendship with Jim Carrey in a September GQ interview.

“We’d been texting prior to that. And then, on my 30th birthday, he surprised me. He just pulled up to my crib and took me to breakfast,” he said. “He lived literally like two buildings down from me. He had a telescope, and I had a telescope. He was like, ‘Where do you live? What floor do you live on?’ I was like, blah, blah, blah. And we looked out the windows on our telescopes and we could see each other.”

Well, the collaboration between the Weeknd and Jim Carrey is kinda “cosmic” too.  “Phantom Regret of Jim” is the final track on “Dawn FM”, a hauntingly beautiful piece of poetry written and spoken by Jim and accompanied by the Weeknd. The closing lines are:

You gotta unwind your mind

Train your soul to align

And dance till you find that divine boogaloo

In other words

You gotta be Heaven to see Heaven

May peace be with you


Have a listen:



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