Weekly survey: Is it time for a CD revival?

Sales of vinyl have been going up for 15 straight years. There are, however, rumblings in certain quarters that it’s now time for the CD to make a comeback. Millions are still sold each year, but the rep of the compact disc has taken a real beating in the wake of streaming and the rise of vinyl. This may not be an entirely silly idea, too. The compact dis is a physical format that you can own, handle, look at, and examine. There are more CD players out there than turntables and certainly cassette machines. (Hey, think of the cars with CD players!) And let’s remember that we’re in the midst of a severe vinyl shortage. Supplies are low, it takes a long time to get records to market, and prices have spiked. So…maybe it’s time to give the CD a little more love? Thoughts? https://twitter.com/alancross/status/1485342914129575945

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