Peterborough people are supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Here's how you can help too.

We’ve always known that we live in a city where compassion and caring runs deep.  Over the past couple of weeks, the local response to the humanitarian efforts for Ukrainians devasted by the Russian invasion of their country has solidified that.

This past weekend, local Shoppers Drug Marts were taking donations on behalf of the Peterborough family who are shipping first aid kits over there. And (according to the cashier I spoke with at the Lansdowne Street location yesterday afternoon) the response was extremely good.  Here’s the story of that initiative:

Janet Macleod from East City Flower Shop started selling sunflowers (the national flower of Ukraine) to donate to humanitarian aid.  Janet says she has sold over 500 so far.

And up in Buckhorn, the Yellow Ribbon Campaign (which has been delivering “Things from Home” for soldiers currently serving for a number of years) has added Ukraine to the list.

Over the weekend, Darlene Loucks shared an update indicating that the group has contacts in Latvia (soldiers) and Poland (a Chaplain). These “care packages” will be sent to these contacts for Ukrainian refugees – – Energy Bars, Breakfast Bars, and Chocolate Bars.  These items are easy to hand out, easy to ship, and something a child would enjoy.

And, this is the final week to have your donation to the Canadian Red Cross matched.  Their on the ground delivering humanitarian aid to Ukrainians, and the federal government is match the donations of Canadians (up to a maximum of $10-million.)

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